A1000 Relocator with Kickstart switcher


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This adapter allows to relocate a 68K DIP cpu or accelerator on the A1000 motherboard. The form-factor of the adapter is designed to plug any kind of 68k accelerator like V500, 68020TK, TF530, etc. Keeping from interfiere with the A1000 internal floppy drive and in some cases with the A1000 Daughterboard. Also this adapter includes an automatic kickstart switcher controlled via an attiny85 and also a DIP socket to connect 27c400 or 27c800 roms in order to use modern roms. Each time you switch between roms, the system will reset each time you switch between roms. Also a buzzer notify of the switching.

Package include

A1000 relocator (4 layer board, matte black).

Attiny85 + buzzer.

1x extra pinrows to supplement current pins.

Instructions for connection described at the bottom of the board.

3D support

I have designed a little support to avoid the board from bending. You can download here: https://mega.nz/#!k0NmjCwI!wyCiXJgUJash2z294YgVODZ0VJqhig4sZijVJyr54Qc


Vampire accelerator and motherboard from the picture no included :p

OE signal is required in order to take advantage of the kickstart and switcher.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm