A1208 – 8MB FastRam for 1200


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This board adds up to 8MB of FastRAM to your Amiga 1200. You just need to remove the bottom plastic cover and connect this upgrade and you are done!.


  • 8MB Fast Ram,
  • Brand New Edge Connector (yeah the “hard to find”).
  • Build in power regulator.
  • Speedup your Amiga!!

It also include a jumper to downgrade the board to 5.5MB of ram. These 5.5MB does NOT interfiere with the PCMCIA bug.

Update 17/06/2019: There was a bug on the firmware using the 5.5MB version that could make conflict with the clockport or part of the SlowRam. The bug was identified by the user Monideth Pen.

New firmware offer 4MB/8MB and does not make conflict with the clockport or the slowram. The firmware for this version of the board can be located here. https://github.com/arananet/tf328/tree/edu1200_board

Only this units will be made for now. Solder time one day after the payment.

This board was designed by me and based on the TF328 by Stephen Leary. Distributed under the GPL V2 License. https://github.com/arananet/A1200-8MB

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm