A2000 Atx kit


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This kit contains two parts. One part is the power supply adapter. The output of the adapter has the same pinout as the original a2k power supply.

-5vdc (includes a ldo regulator from – 12v to -5vdc)

On the PCB silkscreen of the power supply adapter there is a text identifying where each of the original a2k powersupply cables, must be connected (each color).

The other part of the kit is the faceplate adapter. This allow to match the screws from the atx standard to the one on the A2K.

A little bit of modding experience will be required.

Kit contains:
Power supply adapter.
Faceplate. (no screws included).

Note about the tick signal: this adapter does not generate the tick signal required for a2k. But the A2k can generate it by changing the J300 (U300) jumper.

Power switch: As the A2K powersupply has a main power switch to turn on/off, on this case you can use atx main switch as the same solution.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 cm