A4000 Daughterboard KIT


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This is a kit to build a A4000 Daughterboard. This daughterboard was designed from ground using 4 layers and also adding some features, like VGA Output, independent clock for graphics cards. Also all the components are SMD.

The kit includes:

A four layer black PCB with gold finish.

All the required connectors ( 4×100 pins, 1×34 and 1×56).

Terminator resistors, resistors, capacitors and ics.

Custom made external vga adapter (this works by connecting the vga adapter on the daughterboard).

Note: since 54 pin connectors are almost impossible to find, a 56 pin connector is provided. The extra pins will be cutted from the connector. In order to fit it on the pcb. Take a look at the gallery pics to see the correct position.

Bill of materials (BOM) here: https://github.com/arananet/A4000db/tree/master/version1.2

Preparation and handling: 1 day.

Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 33 × 10 × 2 cm