Amiga 1200 PS/2 Mouse board


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This little board allow to use a PS/2 mouse or USB PS/2 compatible mouse on your A1200 but internally, taking adventage of the internal mouse connector. It came with an small bridge to connect to the motherboard. It could work on the 1D revision too if 90º pins are solder to the board.

Items included:

1 x Amiga 1200 PS/2 Mouse board with usb connector soldered, there is space to solder a female ps2 connector on the board but is not included (no stock).

1 x bridge connector.

1x screw with nut. (requires a tiny hole on the case to put stable).

NOTE: 10/09/2018 – We found a problem with this board. It does not fit with the metal case on place. So, metalcase must be cutted on that part. Im working on a new version that solve this. If you buy one of this adapters please send me an email to refund or replace with a new version. Sorry 🙂

Compatible mouses:

Ms intellimouse usb (the best one ever).

Any Usb mouse compatible with ps/2 protocol. You can also use a PS/2 to USB pasive adapter with your PS/2 mouse on this board.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm