C64 512KB Skull Cartridge


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This C64 cartridge allow to use several types of eproms such as 27C512,27C020,27C040. This design will fit on any C64 model and since the form of the pcb it’s like a skull also the “eyes” of the cartridge will power up when it’s plugged in. The first design of this cartridge was made to use as a Dead Test Cartridge using 27c64 eproms but since there are plenty of room there, I’ve decided to change and allow work with others types of roms too adapting the Marko version into this. There is also a reset button available to reset the C64. All the components are SMD except the leds.

This cartridge is based on the Marko Šolajić version.

Jumper on board

This are the jumper description, the leyend does not appear on the back of the cartridge because the silkscreen covers it. Use this to locate the required jumpers. The default settings are for a 27c040 eprom.

You can find the jumpers settings available on his github https://github.com/msolajic/c64-magic-desk-512k

Also the tool to make custom crt files is available here: https://bitbucket.org/zzarko/magic-desk-cartridge-generator/src/master/


You will need to add a 32 socket adapter on the PCB in order to remove the eproms in case you want to exchange them. The pcb came without the socket.

No eprom or eeprom included. (the one on the pics is for reference only).

New Version

New version has completely redesigned with new silkscreen. Also now leds shows against the pcb in a special transparent part.

Old version

Also due to a error on the silkscreen at the bottom of the cartridge, (near the connector), the Giana logo’s and the original phrase of “Based on the Marko Šolajić version” is tapped with white tint.

Eprom position

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm