CD32 <> A1200 Adapter


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This adapter will allow us to plug any* accelerator for A1200 into the CD32. It was specially designed to fit inside the CD32. It will work with my lastest Hefesto Riser and probably will work with others risers if they are 4 layers and with all the pins connected. This adapter is made in four layers, with ENIG finish and Vcut bisel which is far more expensive than a common board.

Includes an Ide controller using a cpld onboard than can be disabled in case your accelerator has ide controller.


The adapter work with Vampire 1200 and also with Aca1230 but in theory will work with other accelerators too.

Important notes about CD-ROM and metal shield:

This adapter is not a magical solution compatible with all configurations, It includes a ide controller that can be deactivated but will not work together with CDROM drive. You must choose between disabling the CDROM drive or using a CF on the ide controller.

Also the top metal shield of the CD32 can not be installed using this adapter. Because mechanically it’s impossible to fit.

Also need to isolate with tape one of the oscillator that is on the path of the V1200 IDE:

Parts required and not included:

A CD32 :p

A Riser with proper isolation for CD32 made in 4 layers, for example, my Hefesto Riser.

An ACA 1230, V1200 or similar ACCELERATOR.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm