Hefesto the CD32 RISER ADAPTER V5


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This is my last version of the Hefesto CD32 riser. This goes on the back of the cd32 and provide connection for VGA monitor (15khz), ps2 keyboard, 3.5mm audio output. It has been remade to use 4 layers now and routed according the 4 layers properly. This riser works great with any accelerator made for CD32 (ex. Tf328, Tf330) among others.

The same video amplifier as the ultimate rgb adapter has been added to this version. It helps to improve color quality.

Hefesto Cd32 riser board is not based on any other riser. Only the Amiga CD32 Wall Street Expansion board was used to get the required signals.

This riser includes:

RGB (HD15) connector (requires a capable 15khz monitor or scandoubler).
3.5 gold finish audio connector.
PS/2 keyboard connector.

Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm