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This board allows to convert a CSYNC signal into a VGA (HD15) 15khz compatible signal by separating the CSYNC into HSYNC and VSYNC properly. It can be used on any circuit that has the CSYNC and Red-Blue-Green signals available.

It has been tested on:

ATARI XE with VBXE board (allowing to connect a 15khz monitor into the AtariXE, ex Dell 2410).

Amiga 500 right from the DB23 video connector (internally or externally).

Installation procedures

Atari XE:

On You need to connect RGB signals from the VBXE to this board. Also need to connect pin15 from the CD4050 to get the CSYNC signal. Please use shield cables for each color. Check the attached schematic for connections.

Video demo.

Amiga 500:

Connect the required pins (see schematic). This board is useful if you want to install the VGA connector internally. Amiga Video Output already has the HSYNC and VSYNC but you could also connect a VGA output from the outside and on the inside use the internal CSYNC signal, with this you could have two video outputs.


Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm