Ide to Sata adapter for Amiga


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New version of this little board that add support for sata-ssd drives to your Amiga it works on A600 specially with Vampire 600 and on a A500 with Vampire 500.聽It also includes a pin to connect ide led to the adapter (pin 39).


Remove any device of the IDE port of your motherboard.

Plug this adapter.

Plug your sata-ssd drive into the adapter.

Also recommended to add external power supply from floppy.

Enjoy 馃檪

Package content:

Ide to sata adapter.

2 duponts cables.


On A600 with V600 you can get up to 3MB/s. On V500 you can get up to 16MB/s. Check image gallery to see sysinfo test.

* With some ssd hard drives, startup-sequence edited needed (using coffin). Uncomment scsiquicker and set ide speed to 3 on the vcontrol.

Demo video:

V600 and A600 not included :p

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm