Lazarus A500


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Lazarus A500 is an external expansion that allows to plug any A500 accelerator compatible on the left edge connector of an Amiga 500.


  • 68000 socket.
  • 1 CF socket available, second socket is not available (due CF socket stock).
  • Two ide ports. You can plug a cf adapter or your MLC drive or a CDROM.
  • High quality edge connector.
  • Vampire 500 SPI ports (V500+ V2 and V2.2) (requires a 3v3 ENC28J60 module).
  • Ide passthrough (it uses the current ide available on the accelerator for better compatibility).
  • Designed in 4 layers.

Accelerators & cpu tested:

  • 68010
  • Vampire 500+ V2
  • TF530

Motherboard tested:

  • A500 rev6 (requires to solder the reset signal from the edge connector of the a500, there is a solder bridge).
  • A500 +
  • A500 a1k


  • Lazarus requires to remove the internal CPU from the A500.
  • A 44 female to female ide bus cable required in order to connect the ide accelerator to the CF socket ide port onboard. (example:,searchweb201602_10,searchweb201603_53)
    It depends on which accelerator you have, some accelerators has the Ide connector near the Lazarus ide connector others don’t.

Note: CPU on the pics is not included :). Build time, up to 2 days after order.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 cm