PI-MIDI – A baremetal MT32 emulator using Raspberry PI3 with Acrylic case – PREORDER


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This header converts a Raspberry Pi 3 into an MT32 and CM-32L baremetal emulator. It allows us to connect MIDI devices into the header and output the audio using an I2S 24 bits high-quality audio DAC. Includes two RCA connectors and also an OLED screen to show the midi messages from the host and also a VU-Meter to show the usage of each channel. Additionally, this version has some new improvements. Better noise filter on the MIDI connector (according to the MIDI standard interface)  and includes an input jack to mix the FX sounds with the MIDI output sounds on the same RCA audio jack. This is useful for example if the PI-MIDI is used along with the Amiga. Includes a potentiometer to adjust and mix the input volume. Also, the Octocoupler has been changed to a new one that’s more compatible/friendly with 3v3 signals from the RPI.

Also, it can be used without the PI, as an i2s board, for example, to connect the MISTER FPGA into it and plays the audio out via the RCA connectors.

What’s included:

A complete PI-MIDI header soldered (with one MIDI connector, two RCA’s, a 3.5mm jack, and Oled screen). (note the picture on the gallery is not the last version).

A custom acrylic case specially designed to protect all the circuits.


This preorder has limited units available. The total units will be 50 pcs. Delivery time depends entirely on the current situation and can be up to one month after the payment and all the orders are processed. Once all the orders are made and full of the 50 pcs, I will start ordering the needed parts. Only two units can be ordered by one single user, this is to avoid one user to buy all the units.


Two shipping options are available, tracked, and nontracked, if you choose tracked you will receive a tracking number once the unit is shipped, so you can track the unit at any time. If you choose non-tracked shipping as it means, there is no tracking information and you will just wait until arrives it. Due to the current situation, a tracked version is recommended, anyway, the delivery time for each method is the same.

Not included:

Midi cable.

Raspberry Pi.

Additional information:

The MT32-PI baremental emulator project is available here https://github.com/dwhinham/mt32-pi. And you can donate to the project to the author’s PayPal, it will help the project to continue evolving. https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/whinham

MT32-pi based on the dwhinham design @_d0pefish_.

Hardware and case designed by Edu Arana, fpga tips by @benitoss

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 cm

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