RFOUT! A RF modulator replacement board for C64


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This board is a complete replacement for the RF modulator of the C64. It allows to have Composite output + audio. It’s also designed to work with long or short rf module footprint.


  • Composite output.
  • New! Svideo pins to add a Svideo connector.
  • 3.5mm Audio jack. (Can work with mono output or in stereo if there is a DUALSID onboard). This is set by shorting or desolder the SJ1 jumper.
  • Extension board (for motherboard with big rf module footprint).
  • New! Video amplifier.


Important note about the Power connection:

You will need to measure the voltaje between the PIN1 and PIN8 on the C64 board. If you got 5VDC on pin1 then you can solder all the 4 pins of the right pin row. If you got 12V or 9AC. You need to remove the PIN1 from the pinrow, leave only the three and then connect a 5VDC source to the connector on top of those 4 pins. (Check the images at the gallery). The PINS are marked on the PCB.

Now continue with the installation

If you have the bottom shield, remove it, then remove the original RF modulator (watchout when you desolder the pins, dont take any VIAS with you) :). Depends on which version you have solder the extension board to the RFOUT module. Solder the RFOUT module to the C64. It is recommended to first FIT the module to adjust the height accorting to your case and then solder later. Finally if you got the metal shield at the bottom of the motherboard, solder the little piece of metashield on the GND jumper that’s at the right of the composite output.


Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 cm