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This is the Sidplayer, a standalone device that allows plays SID files initially made for the C64 (psid files format only). You just grab some sid files (psid compatible), connect your headphones, power up and you are done. You can start listening to the amazing chiptunes made for the great C64.

Update 11/11/2021:

Now the Sidplayer is Bluetooth capable. You can solder a Bluetooth module and you will be able to listen to SID files on a capable bt receptor.


CPU: STM32F411CEU6 / 512KB Flash / 128KB of RAM

2-layer PCB in Black color (pictures of green pcb are just an example).

MicroSD socket.

Gold metal 3.5mm headphone jack including pot for volume adjustment. Both channels are connected to one source (pseudo stereo, the SID chip is mono-channel).

Onboard battery charger (battery not included, requires a lithium battery).

Microusb changer input (you can use it for directly power or to charge the battery if it’s available). Just use any Android charger.

3 buttons for easy operation (back, play/pause, next).

3 LEDs that represent each channel’s activity.

Bluetooth footprint to add a BT module.

Includes an original acrylic transparent jewel cassette case with a color printed cover.

Microusb charger and microsd card are not included. Also Battery and BT module is not included either.

Additional parts (not required for basic funcionality)

Battery: 200/250mAh Lithium Polymer Rechargeable 3.7v

Bluetooth module: KCX_BT_EMITTER 5V e.g.

Core notes

The core used is the one written by Bakisha and his Sid Player Project:

Core Features

Able to emulate the SIDs 6581 and 8550.

Some filters are enabled but due to the hardware limitation, they do not cycle exact.

Can play all the PSID file format but not the RSID formats.

The firmware has been customized to use SOFTSPI and the flashing process can be done through DFU. There’s a jumper near the MCU that allows to set the bootloader into DFU mode and then you can use the Arduino IDE to upload the code into the device.

MicroSD card information

The SD card must be formatted in Fat32.

I recommend putting max 100-200 SID files onto the SD card. …yes, you can grab the entire SID database from and drop it into the root folder of the MicroSD, But it will take ages to index each of the psid files and start playing.. Putting the 53.000 sid files into the SD will not be usable.

The core will read the files from the root folder. The algorithm will first check the first file it encounters in the SD card, then if its a SID file, after that, if it’s compatible and later, will start loading into the STM32 memory to start the process.


Commodore Spain:



CommodoreMania: Winner of the third prize,2321.0.html

Lyonsden blog:

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm