Tapuino Reloaded (New Version)


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The Tapuino Reloaded is hardware level datasette emulator for the Commodore C64 and Vic 20, with C16 / Plus 4, even PET compatible. The Tapuino project was made by of Peter Edwards, this reloaded version allow to plug in on the back of the C64.

With this device you can have the entire TOSEC of taps on a microsd card!!!. You just plug the Tapuino Reloaded on the datasette port and you are ready to GO!. No external power adapters needed.

Note: The Tapuino Reloaded is not a fastloader, since is a datasette emulator will not go faster than a real datasette, is a 100% cycle exact with the original datasette, even his speed, but without the azimut problems 🙂

New version 0.5 (actual version)

Changed buttons type.

Power regulator.

Atmega (MCU) embebed on the board. In case of firmware update, an cheap USB ASP programmer is needed along with the Arduino IDE (selecting the Arduino Nano Board).

The testing picture with the C64 is for illustration purposes. The product image is the principal one.

From 0.4 (old version)

Redesigned completely.

Using Arduino-Nano instead of promini. Now you can upgrade your firmware using just a USB cable.

Self powered since Nano has internal build in power regulator.

Black PCB manually routed with the READY legend on the back (Depends on stock).

Added better decoupling for noise filtering on VCC line.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm