Ultimate CDTV video board + SD + Wifi (serial)


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This board replaces the original CDTV video board, adding a great output quality. It completely removes the verticals bars made on some monitors. Includes a video amplifier and a buffer for the sync signals.


RGB output buffered with a HD15 connector. The main purpose of this board is to provide an RGB 15khz connection with a crisp clear image. (This is not an scandoubler, you will require a 15khz compatible monitor in order to use it).

SD SPI reader to use on current solutions like the vampire 500 or further designs.

New Experimental– Serial wifi using a ESP-01. Includes the ESP-01 footprint and a max3232 to make it compatible with the amiga serial output (you will need to connect this on the Amiga serial port using two cables, for the tx and rx signals).

New – Now the board also enables the DB23 video connector again.


Just remove the old video card and place this in the same place, there is a label on the PCB that says THIS SIDE UP. The board has to be connected to the position that you see on one of the images.

SD SPI installation

There is a header at the bottom that you can use to connect the MISO,MOSI, SCK, and CS pins on the V500. Just follow the Apollo Team Wiki to connect it properly.

Wifi installation (Experimental)

1-You need to connect the TX(pin2) and RX(pin 3) from the amiga serial connector (internally or externally) to the pins that are available on the board (soldering skill required to connect the pins).

2-You need to program the ESP-01 module following the instructions available here https://blog.nootch.net/post/amiga-bbs-online-2019/

3-Once you setup your ESP-01 module, connect it to your wifi router and have connected the serial pins propery, you can browse the internet using the serial connection. It’s not too fast but works for aminet :).

Back cover design

I’ve design a small back cover for this board, it is available at my thingiverse https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4596942. Note that this design has not been testing yet, only made using visuals and measures of the board.

What’s not included

The CDTV…. 🙂

The board back cover in 3D.

The ESP-01 module.


Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm