Unijoy2Amiga – DB9 to Bluetooth adapter for Amiga


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The UniJoy2Amiga is a little device based on the UniJoysticle2 developed by Ricardo Quesada. The UniJoy2Amiga allows to connect modern know bluetooth joystick or dpads like 8bitdo, PS4, Ounya or Xbox One S pads into the Amiga computers.

The Unijoy2Amiga has two ports. One is a DB9 for the joystick port and the second one is for the port 1 or mouse port. This port requires a DB9 to IDC adapter (not included). The mouse port on the UniJoy2Amiga is prepared to work with bluetooth mouses in a near future.

Quick instructions

To pair a DPAD on the UniJoy2Amiga, first connect the UniJoy2amiga to the amiga, connect the power cord on the ESP32 Module (micro usb b). Then Start the Amiga. After that, hit the bluetooth sync button of your joystick or dpad to allow the sync. If the sync was made correctly, the led L2 will stay ON always. If your joystick does not pair, try hitting the bluetooh button from your dpad again, and sonner after that reset the ESP32. There is a reset button on the left of the board.

Make sure you not have any before paired devices near your joystick or dpad. This could interfiere with the pair sync between the board and your joystick/dpad.

Here is a list of the current supported devices and common instructions.:


Official UniJoysticle 2 web page: https://retro.moe/unijoysticle2/

Demo video

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 cm