Vhat for Vampire 500 V2+


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This tiny HAT allows to redirect the straight V500 expansion port pins to 90º pins in order to connect a ENC28J60 3V3 module. This HAT includes all the  required signals in order to make the LAN connection work. Also has two pins to power up the 3v3 regulator, VCC (5v) and GND. With this regulator you can powerup the 3v3 ENC module. This is a replacement of the SD-NET adapter, only valid for those Vampire’s who has the Expansion port.

Parts required:

Vampire 500 V2+ 🙂

Female to Female Dupont cables.

ENC28j60 3v3 module – “DO NOT USE 5V MODULES!!!”

ENC pinout attached on the gallery.

Pedro Cotter from the A-Team also has shared a good video to setup RoadShow with the adapter.