Etarikashikoshi X68000 – 8mb ram / MIDI board PREORDER


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The Etarikashikoshi X68000 – 8 MB RAM/MIDI is an expansion board designed from the ground up using the latest technology available for components, ensuring better longevity of the board.


It adds 8 MB of RAM to the X68000 system, allowing you to play games without any limitations.

The board also includes a MIDI controller, which enables you to connect devices such as the Roland MT series and others like Pi-midi. It features two ports: one DIN jack and one USB 3 (similar) port for direct connection to Pi-midi, akin to the Mister boards’ connections.

Expansion connector for further upgrades.

What’s included

  • Etarikashikoshi 8MB+MIDI board (PCB color might vary).
  • Backplate x68000 compatible (PRO, ACE, and other tower versions).
  • User manual

What’s not included

  • X68000 computer :p
  • Midi cables


Power down and remove the power cord from your x68000 power supply. Remove the backplate from your x68000 system and install the Etarikashikoshi expansion board on the available slot. A custom backplate will be provided with the Etarikashikoshi board.


Turn on your x68000 system, run switch.x utility, and select 10MB of RAM from the MEMORY option. Save changes and reboot, that’s it! You can also run switch memory=10240 (assuming you already have 2MB on board).


This is a pre-order, pre-orders require payment in advance, which is needed at checkout.

Due to the nature of pre-order items, we will not be accepting cancellations.

Only 20 units will be made in this batch, 40 if the demand exceeds the initial 20 units. Once the pre-order is complete, we will start buying components.

Delivery time:

Since many things are involved in the production of this board, it can take up to three weeks to deliver (start sending the boards). Sometimes the ordered items will arrive later than that time due to several factors (eg. Transport, etc).

Design and testing

The firmware of this board has been developed by the wizard of cpld, a.k.a Miguel Fides, the testing part behind this board has been made by our friend Estrayk, and the PCB has been designed by @edu_arana.

Demo video