Ram expansion and multicore support for Unamiga A500 Header 1.4. – PREORDER




This board allows to add more ram required by others cores and multicore support for the Unamiga Header 1.4. This board goes on top of the current fpga using female machined pin rows.

Package content: 

Expansión board that includes: STM32 module, 2×5 IDC cable, RAM module, microsd socket and female pins soldered.

Installation manual.

The current list of cores supported by this expansion is: C64, Speccy, NEXT and others that will be adapted too.

Note: Delivery time will be one month after the preorder is complete. Also the board requires a microsd card in order to load the cores there (not included).

Unamiga A500 1.4 header NOT INCLUDED 🙂

This board is not required for the Header 1.5 (the last batch) since it is already onboard. Only for 1.4 version.