Indi-MK2CR to H-DMI/VGA adapter


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This adapter allows to output the digital and analog signal from the indi mk2cr to a H-DMI or a VGA connector. This not require any additional software or driver. Just plug and play (and setup output from the driver).

Note: This adapter does not output sound to the hdmi connector. For the installation of the hdmi board, the rf modulator from the A1200 must be removed.  Also the VGA board must be placed where the current DVI connector is placed.

This board has been designed thanks to the information available on internet. The pinout information is available on the Individual Computers website.

Package content

H-DMI board.

VGA board.

No cables will be supplied with this board. You will need to source from Internet (ebay, aliexpress).

Cables required

For VGA to the H-DMI board a Female to Female 2.54mm-Pitch 10-wire IDC Flat Ribbon Cable is required.

For the H-DMI board to the MK2CR a Female to Female IDC 20 Pin Flat Ribbon Cable Female Connector 2mm Pitch is required.


Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm