Pistorm – a 68k Hardware Emulator


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The Pistorm board is a 68k Hardware Emulator using a Raspberry PI computer. Designed by Claude Schwarz among other software collaborators such as BNU, Niklas, Shanshe and others. Right now the current firmware can run on a A500 / A2000 / CDTV. Future core upgrades will allow run Pistorm on other platforms such A600, X68000, Atari ST.

More information about the project on his github repository: https://github.com/captain-amygdala/pistorm

And also on his Discord Channel: https://discord.com/channels/784428461330530305/836229462454042654

What’s included:

A Pistorm board completely populated and soldered (including connectors).

A protective carton box to avoid pin blending, including an anti-static bag.

A quick user guide for easy installation on A500’s.


This preorder has limited units available. The total units will be 195 pcs. Delivery time depends entirely on the current situation and can be up to one month and half after the payment and all the orders are processed. Once all the orders are made, I will start ordering the needed parts. Only three units can be ordered by one single user, this is to avoid one user buying all the units.


Two shipping options are available, tracked, and nontracked, if you choose tracked you will receive a tracking number once the unit is shipped, so you can track the unit at any time. If you choose non-tracked shipping as it means, there is no tracking information and you will just wait until arrives it. The delivery time for each method is the same.

What’s not included:

Pi 3A.

Sd card.

Discord users:

In order to follow the guidelines of the group order through the pistorm channel you will need to add your discord user nickname at the time of the order (in comments for example). So I can add your name to the group-buy-arananet channel.


Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 cm